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Glen Ellyn Community Awards

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Late April

*More details coming soon


Virtual Video Presentation 

Watch Parties at Local Restaurants or in Your Home


For 57 years, Glen Ellyn has been honoring the BEST of what and who makes Glen Ellyn such a wonderful village to live, work and play. 2020 has been such a hard year, and everyone truly deserves recognition for navigating through all the challenges, changes and hardships of a world pandemic and more. Many of our civil servants, businesses, non-profits and residents have risen up consistently through these obstacles to support their community, reorganize their business plan, and go above and beyond. These are the reasons to hold these awards. These are the individuals behind what makes Glen Ellyn great.

Event Description:

New this year we are excited to announce that the 57th Annual Glen Ellyn Community Awards Ceremony will be virtual for all to view at 'Watch Parties' throughout Glen Ellyn Restaurants or in your own home! The video will be released in March, date forthcoming.  All the winning recipients will be announced via a streamed video presentation free for all to see. You will be able to hear for yourself the amazing achievements of these deserving recipients from the presenters, as well as, the thank you remarks from each recipient. The stories of these Glen Ellyn achievements are memorable and inspiring. Surprises are sure to be in store for all to watch.

Look for additional upcoming information on how to make reservations at “Watch Parties” to view the awards ceremony at participating restaurants throughout Glen Ellyn or how to pick up a celebration kit to celebrate at your home. Welcome to the Glen Ellyn Oscars!


57th Glen Ellyn Community Award Nominees & Recipients:


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Past Award Gallery

The 56th Community Award Gallery
The 55th Community Award Gallery
The 54th Community Award Gallery
The 53rd Community Award Gallery
Stuart S. Stone Citizen of Year Recipients

The Citizen of the Year award was renamed after the 2016 award recipient Stuart S. Stone, in his honor. This award is given each year to a Glen Ellyn resident. It recognizes individuals who best represent the spirit of volunteer service to the community and who have made a continuing positive impact on the quality of life in Glen Ellyn.

1963 Bill Galligan
1964 Phillip Gentry
1965 Dean Stokes
1966 George Winchell
1967 Woody Webb
1968 Jim Hill
1969 Lee Hesterman
1970 Mike Heroux
1971 Frank Wiedner
1972 Maxine Hansen
1973 Tom Lawson
1974 Connie Zimmerman
1975 Stuart S. Stone
1976 Fred Leonard
1977 Dean Olsen
1978 Mike Formento
1979 Joann Seaway
1980 Joe D’Agostino
1981 Larry Young
1982 Jane Rio
1983 Jim Bourke
1984 Steve Kennedy
1985 Frank Reno
1986 Mick & Ginny Ramsey
1987 Mike Formento
1988 Carolyn & Jay Strayer
1989 Jan & Steven Langford
1990 Tom Voltaggio
1991 Dick & Sue Zinkel
1992 Keith Schoen
1993 Phyllis Renfro
1994 Bob & Mary Luginbill
1995 Pat O’Brien
1996 C. George & Vivian Ball
1997 John Demling
1998 Bob Wahlgren
1999 Judy Higby
2003 Ron Leonard
2004 Alex Demos
2008 Dan Anderson
2009 Elizabeth Anderson
2010 Karen Evans
2011 Ruth & Keith Wright
2012 Paul Sivak
2013 Phillip Hartweg
2014 Jim Rasins
2015 Lee Marks
2016 Stuart S. Stone
2017 Gilda Ross
2018 Joyce Hothan
2019 Megan Lowrie

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